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  1. Mr. Surprise

    Is the beard just gonna stay until the pandemic is over XD I'm diggin it though :P

  2. David Del Rio

    am i crazy or the video sounds horrible?

  3. Matt Sanchez

    I have no idea what the point of that was

  4. coffee keeps me going

    linus you are 34 stop saying chungus please

  5. Luke Koenigsfeld

    The CLAMPS

  6. Gary Weeks

    Would these work on Playstation VR ?

  7. Ace

    LTT's review should solely consist of x86 apps running emulated on Apple Silicon wherever possible. Most apps aren't optimized, won't be optimized for months, if ever. Run an typical user suite but force everything on Rosetta and throw in battery draining and resource hogs like Chrome, and the myriad of ElectronJS apps.

  8. Tacio Rocha

    My q20 stopped charging after a few months of use. I wouldn't buy a soundcore again.

  9. Crokto

    soundcore anc refurbs tend to be mega cheap on amazon, which is great bang for buck. their audio quality is just ok tho

  10. Gus Johnson

    Hi Team.. When you do sound check on Headphones.. can you please state what sound track, and quality you are using... Streaming Music, is Fake as Hell, as like Bose Equipment it is using Software Enhancements.. I am a ex sound engineer, using 50 thousand plus front house stadium systems.. now 60, and have "ringing Ears" to prove it.. Crap in equals Crap out.. i use Corsair Void, for fun Wireless, and Virtuoso, for Great Sound... Harmon Kardon/JBL Soundbar for TV... AKG 240, Wired Studio Headphones...

  11. Nicholas Evans

    "I'm not even daily driving anything with a headphone jack anymore" RIP, Linus' Note 9.

  12. Flash Speedster

    Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand John 3:16 for God so love the world that he give his only begotten son Jesus that whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.❤️🙏 Spread the gospel to others so they might be saved

  13. fourth1000

    And Here i am buying the original 1080p pocket in 2020

  14. Teck_Nically_

    Could you review the Sony pulse headset?

  15. Bruniik

    he likes to have "skull crushed between thighs like sparrow egg"

  16. Lucky Luciano

    Wait... Did Linus make a Futurama reference when he was talking about clamping force at 2:56?


    then he dropped that ps 5 after that 12:34 speech

  18. alexis vasquez

    Linus we want to see you game with them dude

  19. mícheál riggs

    The day when a tech guy is confused about what a 3.5mm does.....

  20. Vaorg

    Thanks for the review bc I wanted to buy

  21. Thatonekid

    Huh... Linus doesn't look like a 12 year old today...

  22. Aromal C

    Even if you didn't get software updates after a year you will still be able to use it, right?

  23. 47crazed

    i love my Soundcore Liberty 2 Pros.

  24. Slotmech

    So... Seasonic puts out a proprietary case and power supply and gets raves from Linus but when Apple does it they get slapped...? Hypocritical much?

  25. Ahad Ziyan

    Linus your voice is sounding really strange What happened to your voice

    1. John Walker

      He's more relaxed in this video.

  26. Pranab Karki

    This exceeded my budget

  27. MadSpacePig

    That OS looks like a blatant rip off of watch OS in every way.

  28. Martin Kung

    Wait a min.... Linus is using iPhone now?

  29. Raymond Langille

    Anyone else in Canada can't purchase from any of the links in the description?

  30. Yeest540

    I think overall Soundcore makes decent products. However, they really emphasize base almost everywhere. I get that it's the "trend" but so far it's been a bit heavy handed to me and the sound signature could use a little more refinement.

  31. WeltenKrank

    They look very jabra 7 years ago to me

  32. Steven

    I bought a note 20 ultra rather then getting pixel. I had the pixel 3xl and loved it but the specs of the pixel 5 are underwhelming.

  33. Ian Elsley

    Code doesn't work on the UK link.

  34. Mélénor L.

    Linus remember planes but not audio jack.

  35. Gareth Stack

    Do LTT videos always have a very soft funk track playing almost impeccably in the background or is this new? Alternately my brain is broken.


    Will there be a blind shoot out test to see which budget / aliexpress 2.4ghz wireless headphones/headset works best with the ps5? Pitting it against sony's own pulse 3D and other known brands That would be interesting

  37. Bruce Grubb

    The M1 is a SoC which changes the whole way one look as a memory. Using the Android (Also an ARM Chip) as a basically this performance on par with something with the *twice* the RAM. THis mean our old ways of looking at RAM are out on their ear.

  38. mamamia88

    Damnit. I have a pair of soundcore headphones in my locker at work because somebody compared them favorably to my favorite sony headphones that cost 4x as much. Now I want these also but who needs 3 pairs of headphones?

  39. Endre Cseko

    WTF, no Amazon Canada link just US, UK and Germany even though this product is sold by Amazon Canada? Aren't you guys ashamed to call yourselves Canadians?

  40. Sylvain Mae BAILE

    how about for longevity esp when they update their chip? is it better if i buy the base product and change it after 2 yrs? or what is best to buy now that would last me at least 5yrs? i tend to keep my laptop until it dies, esp now that mine broke 2 months ago. i really need one. cant decide what to get. i tend to be in my laptop for many hours web surfing, streaming,download, school stuff, play games all at the same time. (i tend to change what i do a lot depending when im bored). i also like to learn how to edit clips and learn how to code. what is better for me in terms of RAM,Memory, Air or pro? thank u

  41. Gary Stewart

    "youtube music is great" That had me rolling!

  42. Mr.Metalicx

    Linus, Thanks for doing the headbang test for the metal community

  43. Steven Becker

    You guys are in Canada and so I’m i, then why is it no deal for Canadians. It doesn’t seem fair.

  44. After Dark

    Watch this video in 1.25x playback speed.

  45. FullMetalPanicNL

    I got myself a Q10 a while ago because I wanted a more budget minded bluetooth headset that also has a 3,5 mm mini jack. I was very pleasantly surprised by what I got.

  46. Terence Grant

    Love that he had Cyndi Laupers 12 Deadly Cyns in his music library.


    Me: Is that LINUS?!? *Checks channel description* Me: Oooh, this is another LMG channel. (Yeah, I actually didn't know that before)

  48. Duff Harris

    I am very excited for Apple Silicon I just wish they would make a pro product with a shit load of cores and ram.

  49. Aleks Jenner

    Zuck shill

  50. Zack Darce

    Probably a year ago I commented that Dennis is one of the smartest guys on the team.. and here he is chiming in when Brandon doesn't know something. I'll say it again, Dennis is the hidden gem at Linus Media Group

    1. Zack Darce

      He's smart, funny and humble.

  51. Heather McKean

    give em the clamps linus

  52. Chris B

    Linus kind of looks like Tig Notaro with facial hair.

  53. OJ Tibi

    "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"? I see a man of culture.

  54. DragonbornMaster

    I've never commented on a video before on this channel but I will for the Futurama clamps reference.

  55. CGXAndres

    This is W.D Gaster’s Keyboard If u dont know Gaster is from Undertale

  56. H L

    thumbs up for calling out imperial nonsense

  57. Kyros

    that much clamping force makes me feel like I'll manage to wear it for 20 minutes before my ear hurts being pressed against my glasses

  58. H K

    I owned these for a grand total of 1 day. The sound is pretty average for 100$ headphones. The buttons feel like the buttons on some cheap china knockoff Beats. The pair I had actually activated the volume up/down every other time I pressed the play/pause button which says a lot about the inside of these. The best way I can describe the quality of the pads on these is to the soft padded toilet seat cover of a 30$ a night motel. Also, these are way too loose and fall off your head if you tilt your head back or forward too much (like when you tie your shoes). Overall, Soundcore and Anker are great in terms of quality and customer service but I think they dropped the ball on this one.

  59. Matt Weber

    "Up to" 100,000 times better.. because that up to allows even just .1% increase to qualify as allowable claim to be made..

  60. Guilherme Souza

    Linus, you can't just ask if it's thick enough!

  61. puntawat subhamani

    7:14 actually you are opening a disk image and that application logo is a real app and that folder is a shortcut (alias) of the Applications folder. It’s not an installer

  62. Jean Létourneau

    By the title of this video, I thought it was Linus impressions about new Apple M1 Macs. Rats ;)

  63. Craig Mann

    Ah Linus is my spirit animal. He speaks my biggest complaints of ios

  64. TheDwarvenDefender

    GeForce GTX 1050: 5353 score on VideoCardBenchmark. My GPU: 296.

  65. LittleTechKids

    At 8:49 they put a notch in the video to confuse apple users lmao

  66. k2ws

    The M1 chip is amazing! But I don’t see any evidence that BootCamp or Parallels can be used it. There are a lot of BootCamp and Parallel users out there. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  67. Roy

    even if i liked this product i wont buy it because logo looks like tiktok logo

  68. Matteo Guarany

    Linus is slowly turning into Asmongold

  69. Ronald Reagan

    Is AMD back? Me: where did they go?

  70. Lars Sundell

    Offer code ain't working :(

  71. Mg Shizzle

    so painful watching this dude put this very expensive monitor together on a hard ass surface rolling eyes

  72. FaithsFallen

    offer code does not work in the UK

  73. AbhiPrem

    You are so confused. Thumbs down

  74. lolo lola

    I dont know what a plane is anymore. Thank you chinese people